Distractions Continue

I’m not working on the drawing all that much lately, but I keep the project in mind while continuing to brain storm and research. I found this very efficient chair while browsing this morning. I almost fell out of my own chair when I saw the price. It appears to be priced to separate fools with money from their money, I can find a lot of better things to do with $388.




When I was in middle school I invaded the shed in my parents yard. This was years before I ever heard of the “tiny house movement,” a Jay Shafer, before I stayed in a portable cabin along the Trinity River in the Trinity Alps, before I lived aboard a Coast Guard cutter or before I even heard a thing about Henry David Thoreau and the small home he built.

I claimed the mostly empty 5’x10′ shed for myself and made it into a tiny cabin of sorts. It had no windows, no water, but it was insulated, had an electrical outlet and a light socket, so I had both a means to light and to heat the space. I put in an old wood framed canvas covered army cot, some blankets, a pillow and a folding chair, and an electric space heater.

I recall back then imagining living in a small cabin, albeit a larger one than that shed. I imagined being some place wild, mountainous and free of constraint. I imagined living with a bear named Ben, surviving from the land and being satisfied with it. Things were a lot simpler in my mind back then; I wasn’t quite aware of all the realities of life as an adult. Although I still believe there is still room for my dreams to fit into my life, but they are a little more grounded in reality now.

So here is to our hopes and our dreams, may we be fortunate enough to live them.

Things in between

Sometimes when I walk away from my “Work” on my design because of frustrations I end up “working” on something seemingly similar. Starting on another project that has quick results brings some satisfaction in contrast to the frustration I am running from in the focal or parent project.

In the most recent instance I “threw” together a 10′ bicycle trailer and 8′ long 2′ 10″ wide “pico house” design that can be put upon or removed from the trailer at will. The house is roughly sized to easily sit up in and to fit around a Therm-A-Rest DreamTime XL with a few extra feet in length for shoes and such. Both the house and trailer are designed with 1×2 furring strips for the frame work, fastened together using pocket joints (LOVE MY KREG TOOL).

I think I may actually build this project in the not to distant future. The trailer will also function as a flatbed bicycle trailer independently and would be really handy for taking my canoe to the lakes around my haunt.

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Rolling Along…

Rolling along & I hit a bump, then another.

Early on in this design I determined that I wanted to design and build a tiny house upon an 8′ x 26′ trailer. Without checking availability of a trailer in such a size I went about the process of starting my design of my mobile domicile upon wheels.

As I burned through hour upon hour of drawing, researching nearly every facet, caveat and aspect of design/construction of my work in progress, the whole process became a bit tiresome, so I would take breaks and read various tiny house related websites/blogs all the while keeping the task at hand in mind. It have reached a point where I have the majority of the basic frame complete and the rough openings for the door and some of the windows framed into the drawing. The sheathing is laid out, as well as 1/2″ hardwood T&G floating deck and 5/8″ thick 6″ wide T&G on the bulkheads and overhead (yes some nautical terms thrown in because I’m am USCG veteran and just because I wanted to).

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This is yet another “tiny house” blog.  I have not created it in the name of self-importance, but simply as a vehicle to archive and convey some of my ideas & work.

I am working on a design that I hope will be my first build, though this is not my first tiny house drawing and it will likely not to be my last either.